Dental Prices

Private dental treatments

Our prices for private treatments are lower than the national average and particularly, lower than the Scottish average for private dental treatment.

We give you a rough idea of what to expect for various treatments below but it is always advisable to check with our receptionist or with your dentist for up to date prices.

Private Dental Fees


Examination £32.00


Standard £25.00

Panoral £35.00


Scaling (per visit) £44.00

Conservation Amalgam (1 surface) £55.00

Amalgam 2 (or more) £72.00

Glass Ionomer £75.00

Composite (1 surface) £90.00

Composite (2 surfaces) £100.00

Composite (3 surfaces) £110.00

(£12 for each additional surface)

Pin £25.00


Incisors/Canines £120.00

Premolars £140.00

Molars £220.00


Study Models £35.00


Porcelain £395.00


Porcelain Bonded Precious £395.00

Cast Post £85.00

Direct Post £75.00

Pinned Core £75.00

Recement £45.00


Metal Ceramic Precious £395.00

Adhesive £360.00


Extraction (per tooth) £88.00

Surgical Extraction (Normal) £120.00

Surgical Extraction (Complex) £140.00


P/& -/P Acrylic (1-4 teeth) £330.00

4 (or more) £385.00

P/& -/P Cocr (1-4 teeth) £475.00

4 (or more) £590.00

F/& -/F £405.00

F/F Acrylic £665.00

F/Chrome Base £450.00

Special Tray £40.00

oft Lining (Existing Denture) £110.00

Reline £95.00

Repair (Acrylic) £55.00

Repair (With Impression) £75.00

Addition £80.00


Bleaching Kit £250.00

Trays £50.00
 Top Ups £40.00


Pericoronitis/Infected Socket £40.00

Sports Mouth Guard (One Colour) £70.00

Multicoloured £90.00

Soft Bruxism Splint £98.00

Hard Bruxism Splint £130.00

Written Report £70.00

Recalled Attendance £95.00

Domiciliary Visit £70.00

Broken Appointment £20.00


Emergency Consultation £40.00

(In Addition To Consultation Fee)

Unplanned Casual Extraction £88.00

Incise Abscess £50.00

Extirpate Pulp £50.00

Extirpate Pulp & Seal £55.00

Emergency Crown £60.00

Temp. Filling £50.00

Prescription £25.00

Note: These are private dental prices not NHS prices. Prices for NHS treatments are set by the NHS and are the same for every NHS dentist. We know that it's not easy to plan for unexpected treatment and we try to take the pain away with our easy payment plans allowing you to spread the expense. We offer our dental patients interest free finance plans over six or 12 months. If you wish to spread the cost over a longer term, the current interest rate is 9.9% over 24 or 36 months. You will be applying directly for these deals from the comfort of your own computer but ask us for full terms and conditions and the link for making the application.


Payment can be made by Visa, Visa Debit, Switch, Mastercard, American Express, and all other major credit or debit cards. We also accept cheques or cash. Treatment needs to be paid for on the day it is carried out. Additionally you may need to make an advance payment for crowns, implants, veneers, dentures or bridge work.